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Monday, November 7, 2011

Acupressure Cure For Cataract

Acupressure is a very powerful treatment. With acupressure I have treated many patients with cataract and got wonderful results. Mr.A came to me and asked
is there any treatment for cataract in my therapies. He showes his eye to an eye
specialist for his problem in the eye. Dr. told him he has cataract in his both eyes
and demand a handsome amount for operation which he can not afford. I told him don't worry massage these two points for one minute three times a day for atleast one month, hope your cataract will be cured. He did that relegiously for one month . After one month he visited the doctor, who after checkup said that he did not have cataract in his eyes. He was very happy and came to say thank you. Many patients of cataract have been treated, even after many years have passed they are not feeling any problem in their eyes as yet.

Procedure for Cataract

Press these two points for one month then check with your doctor

On Front Hand

Press web between index finger and middle finger for one minute
three time a day with one or one and half kg pressure.

On Back Hand

This point lies on back of hand one thumb below, in the middle of web between index finger and middle finger. Press this point for one minute three times a day with same pressure as above.


  1. Thank you very much for your suggestion. It will be helpful for common man to find the said points, if there is picture showing the points. Thanking you.

  2. Is it done then i ll try for my dad!

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  4. Please advise accupressure points for stiff spine and lumbar spondolysis. Thanks and regards.

  5. Thank you for valuable suggestion for all. I also start doing and inform you shortly the results..

  6. Thank you. Clear instructions to try and get benefitted . Thanks