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Friday, October 5, 2012

Distance Pranic Healing . . . . . . . . A MIRACULOUS HEALING

Miracle # 1

 One day when I was giving healing to Ms “N” she told me that her son's friend had a road accident in Saudi Arabia, he is in coma and doctors are saying they don't know how long he would be in coma. I asked her should we try to bring him out of coma? Next day after contacting her son in Saudi Arabia she requested me if I could do anything for him then I should try. After first distance Pranic healing I asked her to check her son how is his friend now? He told her that he had started moving his hands and legs and opened his eyes. Boy's father requested if we can bring his son's PH level to 8 as he would be able to bring his son to Pakistan. Within 3 days his PH level was more than 8. His parents managed brought him back to Pakistan by Air-ambulance.

Miracle #2

Mr. “H” had a fall from height of second floor in the night. He had a fracture in his skull and 3 vertebrae of spinal cord were broken. He was operated upon in AKU hospital and was in ICU unit on ventilation. As he is diabetic his family was much more worried about him. They called me in the morning and requested for distance healing. After first session, in the evening he was on normal breathing and swollen and blackishness around his eyes were normal and was he was talking normally.
After operation doctors told his family that there will be no sense / feeling below naval to him and he will not be able walk in his life again. But within a week of pranic healing he started sensing feelings in his legs and sense of passage of urine and stool. First doctors did not believe it when they examined themselves they said it is miracle otherwise after this type of operation nobody gain senses below naval.

Miracles # 3

Mr. H came to me in my healing centre in the evening and told me that his had a accident with a car in the morning, now he is ICU unit of hospital and he had injuries on his right side of skull. But when I started distance Pranic healing I noticed that injuries are on left side of skull and he had a injury on his neck also. It was confirmed later that injuries were on left side.

After few days of distance Pranic healing he was discharged from hospital whereas other patients with same type of injuries were still in hospital with critical condition.

Miracle # 4

Mr J came to healing centre for distance Pranic healing for his mother aged 85 years. She fell in the bathroom, now has severe pain in her leg and hip joint. She was unable to come to healing centre.

After sometime of distance Pranic healing, I noticed very little pain during sweeping so I asked Mr. J call your mother at home to move her leg as pain will come out then I shall be able to sweep it out.

When she was moving her leg at home I was clearly noticing the movement of her leg. This is the beauty of Pranic healing during sweeping healer can notice exact location of pain or any small movement of internal organ in the body whereas healers hands are away from the body.

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