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Friday, September 24, 2010

Acupressure and Hormonal Imbalances

I was planning since a long time to write on this subject as hormonal imbalances are very common in women across the world. Acupressure is probably only therapy which can help to correct hormonal imbalances. More than 90% women have this problem in one form or other. Some have painful periods, some have irregular and some have very scanty. In some women I have noticed hair growth on their face due to hormonal imbalances. Correcting this problem in acupressure is very simple, massaging few points on your hands for few weeks will correct this problem for ever. You don't need any medication for this.
On  hand there are acu-points of all organs and glands of your body. By massaging that particular points you can rectify the problem of that organ. Here I shall talk about two acu-points which are most important points for women. First point is on wrist from base of palm upto four finger width on wrist, other point is on outer side of thumb from base of thumb upto tip of thumb (shown in figure). Massage these points for one minute daily, all problems relating to monthly cycles can be corrected. These points also helps to control fat / water retention in body after child birth. Ladies after child birth should massage these points for few months, this will  keep them smart and fat will not be accumulated on their abdomens.