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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Acupressure and Mammography

Breast Cancer is the commonest malignancy of females all over the world and second
leading cause of death due to cancer among females. Various tests are conducted to ascertain the tumer is  malignant or not which are sometime very painful and expensive. Acupressure is the only therapy which helps to ascertain in few seconds that tumer is malignant or benign.

Breast mammography. Just press on the middle point of back of palm  on both hands, if there is NO PAIN when pressed, it means that that is no cancer in the breasts. Even if there is a pain on these points but no pain on the point of Lymph gland which is at the middle of wrist below base of palm, it denotes that there is NO CANCER. And just giving treatment on those points on the back of palms, the minor problem like accumulation of milk in the breast etc will be cured.

Only pain on back of right / left palm and on the lymph gland denotes cancer degeneration in the corresponding breast. 

If you have question or you need any help in this regard, you are most welcome contact me.   

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