From The Heart Of God

Let The Entire Earth Be Blessed with

Loving kindness

Let The Entire Earth Be Blessed with

Great joy, Happiness and Divine peace

Let The Entire Earth Be Blessed with

Understanding, harmony, good will and to be good



Friday, April 30, 2010

Pranic Healing and Fresh Wounds

Kamal was suffering from severe pain and had wounds on his arms, leg and head. He had an accident with a car last night. He had severe pain in wounds on his arm and leg and on his head. Swelling were also visible. When I started giving him Pranic Healing, within 20 minutes he started feeling coolness around his wounds. I asked him do you feel anything now he said yes he feels like something is pulling pain out of his body and wounds are melting away. After 30 minutes I asked him to stand up and walk. Initially he was afraid of pain but when he put his feet on ground he felt no pain at all. He was jumping on his feet and crying "Mother I feel no pain now and I can walk now". His mother told me that last night he was crying and weeping and could not sleep for a minute due to his pain. His mother was very happy and said to me she did not know what I did but she was happy now her son has no pain.