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Loving kindness

Let The Entire Earth Be Blessed with

Great joy, Happiness and Divine peace

Let The Entire Earth Be Blessed with

Understanding, harmony, good will and to be good



Friday, May 7, 2010

Pranic Healing And Sprains


Anees came in my healing center limping. He told me few days back he had a severe sprain in his left foot. He was unable to walk due to pain.
I started giving him Pranic Healing. After a few minutes his swelling and blackishness on skin started disappearing and he started feeling coolness at ankle area. After 20 minutes I asked him to move his foot. Very consciously he moved his foot. Astonishment and happiness on his face was very clear as he felt no pain while moving his foot. Before healing he was unable to move his foot because of severe pain and swelling. Then after ten minutes of more healing I asked him to walk, as he got up on his feet he started dancing and chanting "it is chamatkar, it is chamatkar".
Pranic Healing is very effective just like magic in fresh pains and wounds no matter how severe they are. I have hundreds of patients with acute severe different type of pains.

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