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Friday, May 7, 2010

Pranic Healing And Heart Problems

Case 1 . Heart Blockages

Mushtaq came to my healing center. He told me that he was running a tire shop, six months back he had developed heart problem, Doctors advised him for bypass operation. He was a poor man so he could not afford expenses of bypass operation. He has stop working on his shop because he could lift tire due to heart problem. Somebody referred him to me because was healed by me
I gave him 3 sessions of Pranic Healings. after 3 session he told me now he is feeling 80% better. I showed him some acupressure points on his hand for heart problem to apply pressure on twice a day.
After one week he called me and told me that now he is feeling much better and has started going to his shop. He was very thankful and praying for me.

Case 2. Defective Heart Valves

Abdul Rehman aged 5 years came in my healing centre with his mother. His mother told me that Abdul Rehman was very weak since by birth. Drs. were treating him for pneumonia for a long time. After one year on the advise of one Dr. they visited a cardiologist. Many tests and x-rays were taken of Abdul Rehman. Then Dr. diagnosed that Abdul Rehman is suffering from Atrial Septal Defect (ASD).  With a large hole in his atria. His lungs were also very weak. When he breath sound of his breathing can be heard from quite some distance.  
I started his treatment with pranic healing and drinking silver charged water.
After fifteen days Abdul Rehman started showing improvement in his breathing, he can walk now and started eating food.
After one month his mother told me today she made him to walk half a kilometer and he did not get tired. 
Abdul Rehman was improving day by day. He was playing the whole day without any tiredness, he taking food regularly and he started going to school.
After three month of treatment there were no symptoms of ASD in Abdul Rehman.  

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